This page is here to help you with various aspects of using the internet.

There is a lot of help with various common operations on the internet and this page is here to help you find them. It should be noted that though pages are listed here, they are not a personal recommendation by the webmaster and there are a lot of other pages covering these topics. It is for the reader to judge whether the pages are helpful.

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How to use the internet - a BBC online Webwise Course

Get Safe Online - Online Safety s Important!

Keeping Kids Safe - O2s Guide to mobile and Internet Safety.

Know the Net - Online Help, Jargon and Knowledge system both for personal and business use.

Facebook Security Best Practices - A series of pages from Sophos to make your facebook experience safer

How to send an email attachment. This article shows the methods for a number of different email systems.
How to send an email attachment. An alternative page to help with different types of email attachments.

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