Stratton on the Fosse 1956 by Sheila Smith

This is a street village with the church of St Vigor the oldest building
There is a church hall for the Catholic Church.
There is also a Reading Room.
The whole village is not on the main sewer.
The main means of employment are:-
Downside Abbey,
farming, which is mainly dairy cattle, pigs and poultry,
and coal mining

St Vigor’s Primary School 1956

School 2 The infant class has 28 children aged five years to eight.
The teacher is Mrs Mears.

The Junior class has 27 children with ages ranging from eight to eleven.
The teacher is Mrs Willis.

The playground measures 22 yards by 24 yards.
There are two or three toilets.
Games seen played in the playground are football, rounders, donkey races, tick, jacks and ball games.

The school doctor comes twice a year,
The school nurse comes once a term.
The dentist visits once a year.
An oculist visits twice a year.

Milk for the children is delivered during the morning.
lf a child is away the milk is taken to their home.
School dinners are delivered during the morning.
Someone comes in to clear up and wash up after dinner and to supervise the children during the lunch hour.

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