Plans for the Modernisation of the Village Hall

The Committee has been carefully monitoring the needs of the village and finally came up with a scheme to bring the hall into the twenty-first century with an estimated cost of approximately £47,000.

Fundraising has been quite intense during the interim period and over £20,000 has been raised since 2007. Grants received to date total almost £10k and a further 10 applications have been sent off. Of these, so far unsuccessful, there are still half that may possibly be successful.

In June 2006, the Parish Council agreed to transfer £20,000 to the Village Hall – money which had been accrued in order to purchase additional burial ground for the village. This land belonged to the Duchy of Cornwall. Because of their generosity this land was transferred to the Parish Council for a relatively small sum so leaving the excess money in the parish funds. This money was invested by the Village Hall Trust and interest raised since that time totalled £6,930.

Achievements to date by a very hard working committee of only 7 trustees include the following:

All in all we have spent almost £70,000 on the Village Hall. To do this we have had to borrow £8,000

Recent Improvements include:

The building work started at the end of October 2010.


Preparations Begin



Work Carries on apace - even when it snows!