The History of the Village Hall

The hall was built about 1912. It is believed that the building was started by village people but for several reasons, probably mostly because of WW1 and shortage of funds, the building work ceased when only a few feet high. Eventually the Hall was completed by Downside Abbey who naturally took ownership of it, particularly because it was on Downside land.

The village people could use the hall at any time, rather like the football field arrangement even until today. However it came to be used very regularly by St. Benedict's School, who had extra rooms built to accommodate the many pupils who attended from age 5 to 15. This continued until 1975 when the St Benedict's School moved to its present site at Westfield.

Twoyears later, the building was bought by the Parish in July 1977 for £7,000 as the result of much fund raising by a number of dedicated people, many of whom still live in the parish.

The hall and the temporary buildings at the back which had been used as classrooms for many years, were joined by a new kitchen, toilets and entrance in the 1980’s. The old buildings were used by the football club and the snooker club for many years.


These rooms were eventually condemned and subsequently demolished during 2005 at a cost of £2,500. For the work in progress now see under Village Hall Plans.


The objective of the Trustees of the Charitable Trust (Charity Number 274439) is to provide the inhabitants of the parish and surrounding areas with a facility for the social, educational and general welfare needs that would only be available otherwise outside the parish.

The hall is 15m x 8m, light and airy with an excellent sprung wooden floor. The hall can hold 100 people seated theatre style, or 50 seated at tables.