Summary from a meeting with Police at MDC Offices, Shepton Mallet on Wednesday 26th April 2017.

NB. The full minutes can be viewed by application to the Clerk, Valerie Attwood.

The meeting was called to investigate, with the Police, Speed Enforcement within Stratton on the Fosse Village and on Nettlebridge Hill and the reporting of accidents to the Parish Council.

Present were Inspector Mark Nicholson, Senior Office with responsibility for the Wells District, Ashley Reay, co-ordinator of Speedwatch in the Area, Cllr Malcolm Daniels, Cllr Kris Fosdyke from Stratton on the Fosse Parish Council and the Clerk who was present to take the minutes.

Speed in the Village
The meeting started with Parish Council representatives showing data collected by a SID (Speed Indication Device) which showed on four occasions that as few as 11% of vehicles travelling through Stratton observed the 30 mph limit.

Inspector Mark Nicholson stated that he had a passion for road safety. Due to the reduction of the Traffic Dept., the police rely heavily on the Community Speed Watch Scheme and data from SIDs. Therefore, Inspector Nicholson urged Stratton to set-up a Speed Watch. Cllr Malcolm Daniels stated that a Speed Watch had been active in Stratton in the past, but had been dissolved due to abuse that operators of it had received.

Inspector Nicholson also suggested a speed enforcement analysis; which would probably result in a motorbike speed enforcement. When set-up this would be up to 2 times per month.

It was confirmed that SID’s do make a difference and it was confirmed that the Parish Council could purchase its own SID. The cost was in the region of £3k to purchase privately. It was, however, pointed out the need to move the SID around, or remove and place again, as not effective if left in one position permanently.

If speeds were found to continue to be excessive, the village could be targeted for more frequent enforcement, as had been necessary in parishes in the past and which had been very successful.

Reporting of Accidents
The matter of police reporting accidents to the Parish Council and the lack of detail in those reports was raised. Inspector Nicholson said that he would address this problem.

Nettlebridge Hill
Traffic safety in general at this site was a concern to Stratton Parish Council and measures to combat accidents were discussed. New signage on the bend had been agreed with Somerset County Council Representatives for instance.
Inspector Nicholson reported that there had been 24 accidents recorded at Nettlebridge in the past 4 years. A speed limit of 40mph had recently been implemented – it was noted that a speed prosecution cannot be served until 3 months after a new speed restriction is placed. He indicated that he could see no reason why an SEU (Speed Enforcement Unit) could not be used at Nettlebridge if a spot was located to park.

Inspector Nicholson said he was eager to get a communication network up and running with the Parish Council, as he thought it was to both parties advantage.

Cllr Malcolm Daniels stated that he was very encouraged by matters discussed at the Meeting. Cllr Daniels said he could be contacted if anything needed to be published on Stratton’s Web Site.