This letter was sent to

David Fothergill, Somerset County Council Cabinet Member i/c Highways,

Sue Mountstevens, Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner

and James Heappey MP

16th January 2017

Dear Sir,

The Parish Council of Stratton on the Fosse believes that it could and should play a more active roll in trying to prevent accidents or alleviate some of the causes or potential causes of accidents both within the village of Stratton on the Fosse and the Parish of Stratton the on the Fosse.

It is noted under Priority 2 of the Avon and Somerset’s Police and Crime Commissioner’s Police and Crime Plan “I understand that road safety is a very important issue to local people. The risk of being killed or seriously injured on Avon and Somerset roads is lower that most parts of the country. However, it continues to be a concern raised by residents. I will therefore ensure that I have a clear oversight of the Constabulary’s road safety strategy and ensure that the Constabulary involves partners and communities in making our roads as safe as possible.”

Our Council has been pioneering in the past, being the first in the country to have a pinch point system and helping the various agencies to update and modify the scheme, particularly in its early days. It does believe that there is a danger of complacency creeping in by believing that all the problems are solved when clearly they are anything but.

The purpose of the enclosed document is two-fold. It points out some of the shortcomings of the various systems and emphasises how the Council would like to improve on the current systems by working closely with the various agencies involved.

It would certainly be helpful to have comments on the document, but also to know who is responsible for each aspect of, to use a generic term in the widest sense, highway control. Who should we communicate with on the matters of accidents from a police point of view, for example, both in the short term reporting and in the longer term official personal injury accident reporting. Which official of Somerset County Council is responsible for each part of their system and who in the Utilities should be contacted when the dissatisfaction is with works that have been carried out by them. What do we do when systems become dangerous, for example, with the failure of temporary traffic lights.

There are many questions and it is to be hoped that this document will start a meaningful discussion, the result of which will be a better system of us all and more importantly a safer road system for the general public.

yours faithfully,

John Padfield, Chairman of the Parish Council

enc. Final Report 160117.doc