Planning Applications

Due to the way in which Mendip District Council handle planning applications on their website, it is not possible to list planning applications in the way in which I used to do. To discover what planning applications are being considered or have been approved or rejected, one needs to go to their website search page at Mendip District Online Applications. If you know the Reference Number, postcode, or single line of address, then you can search the application for that location. If not, go to the Advance Search where you can put in more information or to the Monthly lists where you can search for all applications within a Parish for a given month.

If I get notification of applications, I can list them:

Change of use from agricultural to equestrian use and the construction of stables, Ref 2015/1206/FUL, 22nd June 2015 Click Here

New pedestrian access to existing school sports pitches, Ref 2015/1564/FUL, 30th July 2015 Click here

Erection of 4 dwellings on the site of a redundant vehicular repair centre, Ref 2015/1920/FUL, 5th October 2015 Application has been withdrawn by the developers.

Development of four bedroom house at Bainsbury View, Fosse Way, ref. 2015/1426/FUL, has been approved, subject to a raft of conditions.

Manor Farm, Fosseway - Replacement of two metal up and over doors with two pairs of arched double hardwood timber doors at the former stables, Ref 2015/2554/LBC